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Our services

What can be done ?

We believe that the web must be modular. We should no longer see a website as a simple sequence of pages, but rather as a whole, composed of a global identity, contents, and a direction given to the project. Such a design allows the independent update of each part without altering the other parts, making the project sustainable in the longer term.

That is why we recommend the application of concepts such as Component First and API First that allow you to separate the interface, which is constructed using components and the processing of information through the API. This allows you to see further than the simple application of Responsive Web Design, in order to anticipate future uses of the internet, while offering long-term reusability and sustainability. Each of these concepts is applicable to all types of projects (simple website, web services, online stores, etc.).

We also believe it is important to regularly refresh user experience in order to renew the standards without losing the internet user. This should remain as simple and intuitive as possible and not necessarily follow every new fashion coming out.

The internet today is full of new tools that are extremely flexible and powerful but yet simple to use. We recommend their use to all our customers, because they offer vast possibilities and can be integrated into in any project.

Our agency

Who we are ?

Created at the beginning of 2013 and with an experience of around fifteen projects, Onemore has the ambition of anticipating changes in the web, both from the point of view of the web user and of the developer. It is for this reason that we closely monitor technological developments in many web-related areas. Therefore, our tools and practices are in constant and rapid evolution.

We also develop a spirit of knowledge-sharing via the publication under an open source license of our in-house tools, and participate actively on social networks on subjects related to everyday web usages. We believe that only this sense of sharing will allow the use of the internet to evolve.

But Onemore is first and foremost the association of two young professionals with complementary profiles. Open-minded and innovative, they share a passion for their business and touch on all aspects of the world of multimedia and new technologies.


Inventive, altruistic & pedagogue


Curious, passionate & insightful


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